Key Benefits

Contribution to local housing supply
  • Alleviating pressure on HMOS, releasing traditional housing for families
  • Assists in meeting Ealing’s housing targets
  • 35% affordable rooms
High quality architecture
  • Refined massing and materials
  • 412 total student rooms
  • Replacement commercial floorspace
Improved public realm
  • Repairing street frontages on Hastings Road & Drayton Green Road
  • Active frontages
  • Effective landscaping strategy
Enhanced biodiversity
  • Biodiversity net gain
  • Urban Greening Factor
  • Biodiverse roofs, bird & bat boxes
Sustainable transport
  • Car-free development
  • All servicing on-site
  • Highly sustainable location
  • No overlooking to the East
  • Considerate to potential future development
  • Optimised visibility from key viewpoints
Optimised footprint
  • Slimmed-down footprint
  • Revitalising an underused brownfield site
Amenity space
  • Central courtyard space
  • Rooftop garden
  • Approximately 1,016m2 of internal and external amenity
  • Job creation during construction and operation
  • Business rates, CIL and S106 income
  • Student expenditure locally